Jeppesen Mobile FD

As a replacement for TC it is a great idea, add enroute charts with some functionality. Basic flight planning, moving map. That’s about it so far in version 1.
Now for the downside.
Huge download from an apparently overworked server. It took me 4 days including a whole new database. It does not use the TC database. FD also has a problem looking up it’s own data. Read the Apple app store reviews. I have gotten the GPS to display once and that was standing outside my house while playing with it. Had to move the airplane to the hangar today so I took the ipad and GPS to try out the moving map on the airport chart, no go. It would not pull up the GPS data even though Flight Aware had no problem. I also had to reboot to get it to pull up the airport chart even though it new it was available.
So I guess if you don’t need it wait for version 2.

John in Saudi

Sounds about as useful as ForeFlight. The mapping functions just can’t keep up when you zoom in or out. Looks like I’ll be sticking to the Honeywell Epic displays for a while.

As a backup to a backup FD is ok but just ok.
I was just playing around a bit more and discovered that apparently Ireland no longer has high altitude airways. I wrote to Jeppesen asking when that happened but haven’t heard back yet. :confused:

John in Saudi

I deleted FD after the first time I used it. Too clumsy, and the resolution on the approach charts was fuzzy compared to TC. I hear you have to turn your iPad on and off to get the fix/airport database to work. Really? For close to $2K/ year you have to turn the thing on and off each time to make it work?

The new version of Jepp TC has all of the Book 1 stuff, and is downloadable by region. Hopefully they’ll integrate OSP for the 10-9 pages on the next update, but I’m not holding my breath…

I use WingX Pro as a reference (read: something to do on the looooong flights) for the HI/Low IFR and VFR sectionals. Obviously that won’t help you in SA!

You’re right, Jepp is it outside North America for IFR charts. Rebooting does seem to help sometimes.

One thing that seems to work, if you want the GPS moving map actually working you have to minimize the route information. And don’t forget to tap the little GPS arrow. I’m not sure that is by design or just the way it works. Hopefully the next update will include a taxiway moving map function.

There is an update for FD!!

“Update Improvements
Deactivate and Reset Improvements
Searching Improvements
Empty Airport List Bug Corrected”

It will take me about 9 days to update on my super duper internet so don’t expect a report this week.

John in Saudi

BTW I did use the moving map mode on the airport chart the other day. Pretty slick, had us right on the taxiway the whole time. Great situational awareness tool especially for night/low vis ops at unfamiliar airports.

Rich guy with your fancy iPad apps that cost a gigillion dollars :smiley:

The best thing is I don’t pay for that app.