Lost 737 over Kansas?


Is there something the pilot could be doing to cause this?

flightaware.com/live/flight/SWA1 … X/tracklog


There was this girl named Dorothy on the flight. They were over Kansas. They are no longer in Kansas. Oh, and the girl was flying with three friends - a man of metal, a furry friend, and a scared friend.


I Don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore… :open_mouth:

A wee bit off topic:
Has anyone watched “Dark Side of Oz” - The Wizard of Oz movie synchronized to Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” album?


Whoa! Kinky…

You sure you haven’t been hanging out in the Tenderloin lately Dave?


No tenderloin for me, JHEM. Maybe a round or London Broil, but not tenderloin.

Now, where did I put those directions for that metal, straw, and fur party?




OK…to attempt to answer the question…

Someone forgot to hit a button?
Database upload decided to take a nap?

If dami is talking about a Wizard of Oz party, he should fit right in down in the Castro district…

For some reason, I see dami’s favorite song as being “Somewhere, Over the Rainbow”


Saw it a couple years back when Turner Classic movies did a special on it. Pretty wild. Have you seen the Dark Side Of Oz page ?


Weren’t you in this movie?

great movie, by the way! (i inherited my father’s SICK, SICK, sense of humor.)


Terence Stamp’s finest hour!

Even better than his turn as the hero in “Modesty Blaise”, perhaps the most forgettable movie of the 60’s, or as General Zod in Superman II!


No, just ignore the “jump” to 40000 and everything is normal. There are many examples of spurious entires such as this in logs. How they are caused is probably in the FAQ or some other thread somewhere. But I never look at the FAQs or do searches; where’s the fun in that ? 8)


I produced my own DVD of sync, and did a lot of research on the subject to get it right. That was one of the pages I visited.


I had most of it on video tape, now of course I cannot find the tape. At the time I had a Sat Dish and could not figure out how to access the SAP feature until it was about half over.