Losing data


I am losing many flights. (today is falling too low.)
Something is wrong, I am comparing my data with data from my neighbor.
My antenna is always more than your antenna, but today I’m missing many flights.
Comparing the data from my feeder with online data are lacking many flights
what can be, I have not changed anything.
I apologize for my English, but I try.

Estou perdendo muitos vôos. (hoje está a diminuir muito.)
Algo está errado, eu estou comparando os meus dados com os dados de meu vizinho.
Minha antena sempre tem mais do que sua antena, mas hoje eu estou perdendo muitos vôos.
Comparando os dados do meu feeder com o dados online, faltam muitos voos
o que pode ser, eu não mudei nada.
Peço desculpas por meu Inglês, mas eu tento.


my position counts have not dipped, but my plane counts seem to be missing MLAT counts.



There was a change in how ADS-B aircraft counts were reported starting on the 18th. The data before and after the 18th is not comparable.
(Data from the 18th to the 21st is currently being reprocessed, too, so it will move around a bit while that happens)


Apologies ,
But in my localhost I see many aircraft that do not appear in the live site
I checked with wireshark and I’m sending the information.
It seems that you are not processing my information sent.

My id 16361.

Please someone check!



Your stats look OK to me. What is an example of a flight (time, hexid, callsign) that you see locally but which is missing on FA?