Looking At Back Logs

Not sure how to word this but I noticed on my feed, that I can see what has been tracked within the last hour. Is there a way to see more than this? For instance I want to see what I have tracked the last 6, 12 or 24 hours. Is it possible to see this?

The default SkyView map will only display tracks for 60 seconds after a message is decoded. The timer is the “age” column in the list. It counts up from the time of last message and once it reaches 60 the plane is removed from the list. PiAware does keep the tracks for awhile in case the plane shows up again.

On the bottom of your my-ADSB stats page it only show the planes that have appear recently. For long term storage you would need to install software that can process and store ADSB messages. A popular program is virtual radar server.

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