Playback of ADS-B

Is there a way to playback my ADS-B records? I’d like to see if my station caught any of the activity from the stolen Bombardier yesterday.

There’s no built-in mechanism. You’d need to arrange for archiving your data yourself locally (it’s available on various network ports - 30005 etc)

most probably not, even if you archived your flights.

as per AvHerald

No Mode-S or ADS-B were transmitted from the aircraft (suggesting its transponder was off) at the time of the departure or the subsequent hour until impact.

Ah ok. Is the data saved locally for any length of time or is it purged at time of upload to your servers?

The data uploaded to FlightAware isn’t stored on the Pi for any length of time, a summary report is built in memory over a period of ~30 seconds, uploaded, then discarded.

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Ah ok. Thanks for the info!

Can be made as feature request ?

Good idea. I’d really like the ability to choose a tail number and specify a time range and view the received data.

Not sure, but this thread by @TomMuc may help.
Dump1090 MySQL Database Script with Alert and Filter

oops, I own a loaner device… cant play with it much…