longest non-stop commercial flight

The longest commercial non-stop in the world, by far is Singapore flights 22 and 21 SIN-EWR. Depending on winds I have seen it take anywhere from 17 hrs 30 min to over 21 hrs flying time i haver been on it when it took 19hrs 11mins. Twice right over the north pole on SQ 21. Many times they fly over Europe. Not too many flights depart in different directions! But Singapore is on the other side of the world from EWR up and over. Very, very interesting flight - I spoke to the captain on our flight and he said we were taking a longer mile route to try to take advantage of winds - it was over 10,000 statue miles!

Do you have any idea what the longest duration in flying time and block time? I would likely be flt 22 due to jet stream factors.

Kevin Brady

flightaware.com/live/flight/SIA2 … /WSSS/KEWR

17 minutes short of a DAY :open_mouth:

The departure time looks fishy since it’s 5 hours early. Flight was probably closer to 19h.

I think you are right that Flight Aware is not correct here - It has happened before, especially on flights out of their contact area - If you look at the positions of Lat and Long they start at 1105P E which is 1205P Sin time - arrival a little after 5PM in EWR. A little less than 19 hours as they don’t track the last part of the flight from 4900 feet. They would have had to leave at around 6AM Sin time, which they never have - they adjust the departure so as to arrive around 5PM due to the advance uncertain of flight duration- not sure why as you would think connections would be a problem - Anyone else have comments about this flight? My guess is that over 35% of TO weight would be fuel - need to freight fuel to have enough - They also watch for sunspots and do not fly near the pole so as not to expose crew and passengers to excess radiation with thin protection near the pole.