Watching NON STOP Sydney to O'Hare Emirates 4847


While browsing I came across this flight. It must be the longest flight ? I’m not sure how long the scheduled . flights from Newark to Singapore were. Being Emirates 4847 with that number its a freight flight? Maybe they’re testing an alternative way to expansion. Now that they’ve connected with Qantas to London. I wish there was a public way to find out what’s on this flight and why non stop ? I am aware that Emirates freight serves O’Hare , but not they’re passenger flights. I’m also aware that Qantas , through Polar/Atlas has a scheduled freighter flight that leaves Sydney to China then Anchorage , O’Hare and ends at Kennedy.


18 hours


Must be a special freighter flight as it does not show up on the cargo schedule, … ules_2.pdf

SIN-EWR 9534 mi, 8285 nm
SYD-ORD 9232 mi, 8022 nm


They would not be allowed to carry passengers between Sydney and Chicago, so it’s not a test of anything.


My guess is that it is a positioning flight or possibly a charter.


Why not?

They have freighter flights in the 48XX series.


Yes and no. They have a few freighter flights in the 48xx series. However, these are operated by TNT (between DXB and LGG/JFK). Emirates operated freighter flights are in the 9xxx series.


OK I see that now.

But on ACARS it does show that an Emirates 777F did operate this flight, A6-EFJ. … /YSSY/KORD

Photo Courtesy of FlightAware.com


It may have been a freight charter then. This particular aircraft has gone to a lot of places that Emirites doesn’t fly to.


Why not?

The US-Australia bilateral only allows US, New Zealand, or Australian airlines to carry passengers between the two countries.


Cool, didn’t know that.


You can find Australian air bilateral agreements at … ments.aspx


this is a little post my post. While looking at freight traffic. I realized for this flight to have been non stop Syd to O’Hare this flight must of been a light load. No Anchorage on this flight.


Another non stop Sydney to O’Hare Emirates 9245 Just taking off. 12/27/2014 9:43 pm cst .