Dreamliner Non Stop Perth to London


I find it interesting that their hasnt been any mention on FlightAware, that I have seen, of the first commercial non stop flights by Qantas using B787-900 aircraft between Perth and London. The longest route in the world.


Technically the second longest, just behind Qatar Airway’s Doha to Auckland flight.


I seem to recall seeing mention of it on the weekly FA newsletter. Also, the longest non-stop flights on record, albeit no longer active, were Singapore Airlines flight SQ21 and 22, between EWR and SIN. They covered 15,344 km (SQ 21, EWR to SIN) and 16,600 km (SQ 22, SIN to EWR) in about 18 hours. Source Wikipedia.


None of them appeal to me if an Economy ticket is involved. Thai 787 economy seating is same pitch etc. as QF, six hours is enough for me and my backside.


I wanted to fly Melbourne to London and Qantas tried to convince me it was better to fly Perth to London direct.

It is about 50 minutes longer including stopover to fly via Singapore.

It must be great for people starting in Perth but from Melbourne I’d prefer the 1 1/2 hour stop in Singapore than Perth.

14 hour Singapore to London is a long hop and I would imagine the 18 hour hop from Perth would be just awful in any class, but especially if travelling economy.

Anyone planning on trying it and giving a report.



The only plus is that from Perth the next shortest flights are all via the Middle East and that’s worth avoiding. Probably won’t have the choice for very long, as once they can do Melbourne direct London, Perth will probably be back to its sole QF international flight, Singapore in a B737.


All the reports I have seen have been positive except one. As for international operators serving Perth theirs plenty of options ranging from Emirates A380, Etihad 777W to the middle east, Thai 787 & Scoot 787 to asia and Air NZ 787 along with numerous others. So losing the direct flight if the Melb - London every gets up wont be such an issue. It might be an idea for people to have a look at the efforts Qantas have made in attempting to improve out comes for PAX, ie diet lighting & cabin air quality.


Sounds like a marketing post.

I’m aware of what airlines operate through Perth, my comment was based on the lack of QF international flights in Perth up until the new QF9/10.


Certainly not a marketing post I have nothing to do with Qantas, in fact Im located 755km north of Perth, just mentioning that Qantas had made an effort as not everyone seems aware of the reviews or efforts made.
I very much doubt I would choose to take the direct flight as I feel a break mid trip would be better although the pricing does look good at the moment, has also had a roll on to other carriers dropping their prices, so the PAX win in the short term.