LiveATC and bedtime

Hello fellow FlightAware users!

Out of sheer curiosity, do any of you go to bed listening to LiveATC feeds? For some reason, I find my self snoozing to the tune of YYZ TWR. :confused:

~PDX FAI Dude! :smiley:

This is officially the odd’est poll ever! :stuck_out_tongue:

I like Sirius Playboy channel myself, but I’m funny like that.

Depending on the frequency (tower, enroute, etc.) and the time you go to bed, it doesn’t seem like there would be much to listen to. Might be something to listen to waking up (depending on what time you wake up, of course).

True, but since I am in Alaska (FAI) and I normally go to bed at 2-3 am AKST, I can catch ATC action of busy airports in the eastern time zone (4 hours ahead), such as YYZ during the 6AM rush. Makes for some interesting bedtime “music” 8)

~PDX FAI dude. :slight_smile: