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Live Data/Map Not Working


I just installed dump1090 and piaware etc. on a barebones ubuntu build on an old Chromebook laptop. I am new to linux, but have data streaming to FA, but can not seem to see the live data generated by my system on a map.

From piaware-status, it shows everything but faup1090 is working.

I have done the dump1090 -net step.

Any help would be wonderful!



From a browser (Chrome will work) goto

Where “” is actually the local network IP address of the machine that is running dump1090.
Your machine may not be “”.


Thaks for the reply. I have tried that with the correct IP address for the laptop. From a browser on the same laptop, I see a few of the of the categories from the page that is supposed to load, but no map or any other data. From another computer on the same network, the page doesn’t load at all.

Can you post this as a screenshot?

That said, your user page does show that you have logged some flight (last seen 9 hrs ago) so things were working at on time just fine.