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dump1090 is not running. faup1090 is not running

Hello, when I enter the status cmd, it informs me dump1090 is not running, neither is faup1090. So I’m assuming this would be why I can’t access dump1090 from the browser to see the planes, and while status does say piaware is connected to flightaware, it’s not tracking anything. I was able to get rid of the warning about “cgroups not started” by adding a line to the boot cmdline enable=memory and that error went away, but dump1090 still not running. I’m pretty new, and definitely lost, any tips or hints appreciated…


Joe, let’s take a step back and see what hardware and software you have. Are you running the piaware-sd-card-1.20-1.img on a Raspberry Pi? Do you have an SDR dongle connected to the Pi? An antenna connected to the dongle? ( Instructions here: flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build )

Well, I got it working finally and crkbday thank you for asking a key question, the dongle HAS to be connected for dump1090 to run. The faup1090 thing is not running but it doesn’t seem to matter because it is sending data to flightaware. I am running the 1.19 version of piaware and I will be upgrading to the latest version shortly. Thanks for your help!

You’re welcome. Regarding faup1090, it isn’t necessary when using the FlightAware version of dump1090 as the functionality is combined. --Kevin