lazy flightplanning?

Had to chuckle - we’ve had the KANC (Anchorage) and KHNL (Honolulu) ICAO mis-idents but just heard N300TN on live atc departing KSNA cancelling IFR going enroute, check the destination on todays flight!



Isn’t that the airport where the runway rises up to meet you and the wind is always at your back (except on final)?

I always wondered how they filed a clearance of IFR to VFR on top, that must be it.

This seems to be the way ATC puts IFR-to-VFR-on-top flights (with no intention of continuing IFR) into the system. We see about 3 flights a day to ‘KVFR’, mostly from the Flight International (IVJ) fleet.