Flight lot logged


I was watching a flight yesterday from KGVL to KPFN. It was logged going to KPFN. I watched it on the return trip but it was not logged? N273SR.
On my aircraft screen it shows current location KPFN but if you track the tail number it shows it back at KGVL. I met the plane at KGVL after it returned.


It probably flew VFR on the return leg, which we (sometimes) receive position updates for, but don’t receive flight information (orgin, destination, planned altitude and speed, duration) for.


Sorry, One more question. They were at FL210. Could that be VFR?


In the US, FL180 and above is class “A” airspace, which is mandatory IFR.


I watched the fligfht and spoke with the pilot myself and they were definatley at FL210. Any ideas?


Looking at the page, they probably eceived a pop-up IFR clearance (take-off VFR and then obtain an IFR clearance before climibing above FL180). That would explain why we don’t have a route/departure time/proposed enroute time for them. Note the tracklog doesn’t start until about 11000 feet.


Thanks for the info.