LAX live air traffic, Airport Monitor 2.0 Gold


while on the LAX site awhile back . I came across where you can literally watch on the screen aircraft flying in , out and around LAX. I found it very kool… fun to watch. Does any other airport have or use this for the general public to check out air traffic? the site was …(there’s a line between lax and the word airtaffic, which didn’t show on the screen).


Does that thing actually work? I have never been able to get these to work. It does the whole painful java loading process and then I can never get it display any flights. I’ve tried clicking start, current, selecting the current time, etc, not a single flight. I wonder what the Silver and Bronze editions are like. :wink:

#3, who provides that site for LAX, also covers a few other airports.


yes under under customers there are links to other airports… but like the above … on the computer I’m on right now … I CAN’T GET IT TO WORK… UGH. but when it works it is entertaining. Lets thank Flightaware and it’s ease of navigation.


Saw this post and went to check it out. I did get some of the airports to work, but not others.

The only thing that it had that I liked is a very fast refresh time, 2-5 seconds, so it made it LOOK really impressive. BUT…

Then when you look closer, you will notice that it is delay by about 10 minutes from real-time. Given the complaints that I see about 5-6 minute delay on FA, don’t see how anyone could even survive a 10 minute delay without urgent medical attention. It handles radar-glitches really poorly, has no data tags. Can only get altitude and a/c type info, none of the other info you can get from FA, not even a flight number. And all that was during the 50% of the time that it was working at all.

BTaylor’s review of Airport Monitor 2.0: sux - somewhere below “glitzy, useless toy” and just above Microsoft.


Does not compare with FA


Yeah, I found this site somewhat amusing, yet somewhat lacking. FA is better in my opinion.