Landing at alternate airport


I tracked AAY775 this morning KSFD - KORH. The map trace makes it look like the flight diverted to KSWF.

The arrival info (at KORH) shows 'result unknown (?)" and there’s no mention of an arrival at KSWF.

Would flightware get confused if a flight lands at a different destination than the one specified on the flight plan? I guess the question is - how does flightaware handle a destination that’s chaged while en route?


Looks like they got off @ Stewart and got into Wooostah. The Flightaware flight plan is their clearance from the ground. Any reroutes or route changes in the air are not updated.


We track changes in routing but do not display them (yet). Diversions are supported except in some cases. In the cases of a diversion that isn’t handled, it’ll behave as you’ve seen at this point.