L1011 at Rickenbacker Intl Airport in Columbus, OH

Probably a military charter huh?

Yes. If you take a look at the past history, you’ll see it goes to military bases quite often. Besides, AMT’s L-1011 are used almost exclusively now for military charters.

Usually staged through Gander CYQX as a fuel stop.

I guess its not flying with a lot of cargo.


Shannon seems to be more common. Don’t forget that the flight is eastbound so it can take advantage of tailwinds. Wesbound trips are a different story.

Yes it was most likely a government military charter, ATA and OAI Airlines do a lot of those.


On closer inspection, it seems that this L-1011 flight is in fact westbound. Anyway that really isn’t the point here. Dami your correct, there are a lot of factors that affects the range of a specific flight. I was just making a generalization. I see this L-1011 quite a bit in my travels to Gander, but every overseas flight does not nesesarily stage through here. :slight_smile:

You’re right, Lancasterperch. I glanced at the map and, because the flight line didn’t join the two points (LCK & SNN), I figured it was an eastbound flight. Should have looked at the text!

I only live a few miles from LCK and I can usually see the FedEx DC-10s and MD-11s in the distance. I’ve never seen a L1011 in person but it is my favorite plane and a great part of aviation history. I hope I can catch it back in LCK soon.

There are actually several companies that provide aircraft for Military Transports either cargo or personal,they are part of the Civil Air Reserve Fleet adn can be called upon any time if the military doesnt have enough planes to carry it all.Amtran,World,Sierra-Pacific,Atlasand many others.


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Every major airline and many smaller ones are members of the CRAF.

9/19/2006 - SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. (AFPN) – Headquarters Air Mobility Command has awarded its annual contracts that support the Civil Reserve Air Fleet program, worth $2.3 billion in fiscal 2007.

Civilian airlines contractually commit to the CRAF to support Department of Defense airlift requirements in emergencies when the need for airlift exceeds the capability of military aircraft.

To provide incentives for civil carriers to commit aircraft to the CRAF program and to assure the United States of adequate airlift reserves, AMC annually awards peacetime airlift business to civilian airlines that offer aircraft to the CRAF. The Defense Department offers business through the processes known as indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity International Airlift Services contracts.

Airlines may contract as teams to optimize their resources for commitment. The following airlines and teams were awarded contracts for fiscal 2007. The minimum guaranteed value of the contract is listed first, followed by the estimated contract value. Team members awarded at least 25 percent of the minimum guarantee are listed in parentheses below:

– Alliance contractor team (Evergreen International Airlines Inc. and North American Airlines Inc.), $142,000,000, $1,080,000,000

– Federal Express team (Air Transport International LLC and Atlas Worldwide Holdings, parent company of Atlas Air Inc. and Polar Air Cargo, Inc.), $185,000,000, $1,020,000,000

– UPS team (Kalitta Air LLC), $25,000,000, 119,000,000

– Miami Air team (Miami Air International), $11,000,000, $43,000,000

– Continental Airlines Inc., $1,700, $10,000,000

– Lynden Air Cargo LLC., $42,000,000, $45,000,000

In addition, Grand Air Holdings Inc., Hawaiian Airlines Inc., MN Airlines LLC, Northern Air Cargo Inc. and Spirit Airlines Inc. also were awarded contracts valued between $6,000 and $1,291,329.

Estimated contract values include both fixed and expansion business. Fixed-buy contracts are comprised of requirements known far enough in advance to allow their inclusion in the solicitation. Carriers awarded this business know exactly where and when they will perform their contract obligations in the coming year. The estimate is based on current DOD contract airlift use.

Changes in DOD contract airlift requirements may cause the actual value to vary significantly. Team member shares of team business may vary depending on member capability and team organization.

Expansion business awards consist of airlift requirements unknown at this time. Once these requirements are known, carriers may offer to perform these missions. Expansion business can comprise a significant amount of the total contract value.

Offers from other carriers are under consideration and may result in future awards.

(Courtesy of Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs)

For additional information, read the Air Force’s CRAF Fact Sheet.

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Ok Thanks Alot

The flight was NOT a military charter. That flight is a ferry flight, to reposition the aircraft for a private charter from LCK to BFM. There were crew only onboard, no passengers/troops or cargo.

That is indeed extremely rare for ATA to put L1011’s on private charters, as they are almost exclusivly used on military routes, however, it isn’t unheard of. This season has been tremendously busy for ATA in the private charter front of things, so they have had to use the L1011s.

As I said above though, flight 7177 was a ferry flight only.

per trijets.net/tristar/page/fleet.html
there are 15 operators with 32 of the original 250 in service.