L-1011 at DFW Aug.23


Waiting at DFW yesterday, I observed an L-1011 taking off. It was too far away to read any markings, but it was all white with a solid black or dark navy blue tail. Sighting was about 5PM CDT, give or take.

Any way of finding out whose aircraft this is? I didn’t know any L-1011’s were still in service.

  • Earl


Walked through DFW’s departures, and found a 4:00 MD11 UPS2918 which could could fit your description (though it is an hour earlier).

Here is a pic of a UPS MD11




I also saw that MD-11 on taxi. The plane I’m curious about was a genuine TriStar!


Not likely. “My” L-1011 did not seem to have any markings on either the fuselage or the tail, hence its mystery and my curiosity.


[ ATA L1011 ] ](http://www.airliners.net/open.file/1244965/M/)[ 500+ photos ]](http://www.airliners.net/search/photo.search?aircraft_genericsearch=Lockheed+L-1011+TriStar&airlinesearch=American+Trans+Air+-+ATA|ATA+Airlines|Aer+Lingus+(American+Trans+Air+-+ATA)|Air+Malta+(American+Trans+Air+-+ATA)|Untitled+(American+Trans+Air+-+ATA)|Untitled+(ATA+Airlines)|British+Airways+(American+Trans+Air+-+ATA)|Air+Afrique+(American+Trans+Air+-+ATA)|Air+Berlin+(American+Trans+Air+-+ATA)|Pleasant+Hawaiian+Holidays+(American+Trans+Air+-+ATA)|Pleasant+Hawaiian+Holidays+(ATA+Airlines)&countrysearch=&specialsearch=&daterange=&keywords=&range=&sort_order=&page_limit=15&thumbnails=&maxres=500&engine_version=6.0&searchSubmit=Show+me+the+Photos!) ATA L1011’s come in many paint schemes.
[ Flightaware ]](http://flightaware.com/live/flight/AMT8721) American Trans Air ATA L1011 arrived DFW on Aug 23, I’m sure this is most likely your aircraft.


There are two of them (and they are L-1011’s) that are old ATA birds. Occasionally you’ll see a 757 there too. when not in use they sit on the ramp of Delta’s old cargo area. They are used to fly military personell back and forth to the gulf region. The source at FlightSafety DFW didn’t know for sure but believed that it was still an ATA contract with the gov.


Is that still active ? It’s always parked on the S. side at TUS whenever I go there.


P4-MED/N787M serial number 1064 is listed as Stored.

Currently of 250 built, 8 are listed as written off, 124 as scrapped, 89 are listed as stored, and 29 are in active service.

Active Tristars;

Royal Air Force 9 aircraft in service
American Trans Air 3 aircraft, N162AT, N163AT, and N164AT is reported in Jordan.
Joasra/Globe Jet of Lebanon 3 in service.
Luxair of Portugal 2 in service.
Skygate of Jordan 2 in service.
Air Charter Express of Ghana 1 in service.
Air Universal of Sierra Leone 1 in service.
Damascene Airways of Syria 1 in service.
Euro Atlantic Airlines of Portugal 1 in service.
Hewa Bora Airways of Democatic Republic of Congo 1 in service.
Jordan Aviation of Jordan 1 service.
Orbital Science of Mojave California 1 in service N140SC.
Orient Air of Syria 1 in service.
Sky Eyes Cargo of Thailand 1 in service.
Reem Air of Kyrgyrstan 1 in service.

Interesting note; The Sands Hotel/Sheldon Adelson of Las Vegas have the last two production L1011’s N388LS, and N389LS ex Saudi Govt VIP jets, in storage, and are to be used on a Las Vegas-Macau shuttle.



Mercy Airlift International maintains an active Web site.


I think that is the one. THANKS! I loved that plane and few quite a few trips on them (TWA, BWIA and Delta). My first trip to Europe was on a Tri-Star, IIRC.


It may have been a troop transport,they do fly contract missions for DOD and DALLAS is one of the major departing points in the CON US.


That’s one heck of a shuttle run!


I’ve been trying for months to get a peek at ATA’s weekly DFW->SEA run, but it lands between 4:30am and 5:30am which makes for bad viewing. I should be happy and settle for its KSEA-> RJTY leg that takes off around 9:30am the same day.

Maybe I’ll go for it this thursday morning. I just found out there’s a view point for KSEA that overlooks the taxiway that I didn’t know about. Before I was looking at planes from the north and south approaches that lies below the level of the runway.

This has been my White Whale airplane. Before it was the Antonov 124, but I got to see one earlier this spring finally.




Not sure if it was posted here or elsewhere, but I read somewhere that a casino in Las Vegas had picked up a 747 SP, too?

Some neat birds to see down there.


It would be discussed over here: http://discussions.flightaware.com/viewtopic.php?t=3663 http://www.websmileys.com/sm/fingers/fing32.gif


ATA, along with North American Airlines, runs daily military rest and relaxation flights into DFW and ATL. ATA flies the L-1011 and North American flies the 767. Arrivals are usually between 0800 and 1030cdt. The public can go welcome the troops at DFW (I don’t think they can at ATL). I’ve been several times and it’s a very rewarding experience.


ah, the sound of those RB211’s waking up - like a moaning, sleeping giant coming awake - then the buzz saw of the engine at full thrust - like a Metroliner encased in a shroud. I spent lots of time on TWA Tristars in my life and I never thought thought I ever miss them - of course - until the diversion into Hilo without enough fuel to taxi to the gate . . .