ATA and its 1011s


How do I track ATA’s fleet and specifically its L1011? I am guessing the abbreviation is L101 but I don’t see ATA in the list of airlines. Thanks.

As of right now (1325 hours, 7 Dec PST) there aren’t any L-1011 flights of ATA being operated.

#3 for all types of aircraft flying at the time you view the link.

Hope this helps?



I regularly contribute to a plane spotter’s web site in Bulgaria and they are reporting an AT L1011 parked in Sofia today.


ATA, America Trans Air, 3 letter ATM, flys in and out of KBWI all the time. I beleive they shuttle troops from the middle east for R&R in the states.

Saw one go overhead about a week ago.


Check out CYQX ( Gander ). Fuel stop before it crosses the pond.


Last I heard ATA was getting rid of all their L-1011’s. They’ve bought some DC-10’s from Northwest to take over for the DOD charters.


My friends at just loaded a video of the landing. What a dinosaur!


KSEA used to have a bi-weekly ATA L1011 flights with DFW and RJTY (Yokota) but they ceased using the L1011’s in October and switched to DC-10’s for the runs now.

I was glad to get some photos of them before they were gone from the area!


Hope you are referring to the video format as being a dinosaur because the L-1011 sure isn’t! It’s a beautiful aircraft. The only problem with it is that it tends to be thirsty and requires a 3 person cockpit crew.


Thirsty and crew-intensive (with outdated avionics and engines) fits the definition of a dinosaur pretty well. A good looking dinosaur, but a dinosaur nonetheless.


I flew on L-1011’s alot and liked them. I think the last time was a trip from ATL to ORY on DAL in '93. It was late PM and we made a turn 1-2 hrs into the flight. I looked down and saw NYC and the WTC.


What’s the new avatar Waz?


That was my dad’s Cherokee flying over a snowscape (where I caught the bug).

  • and no, that is not First Officer Marge Simpson


Great majestic plane. Had a real good saftey record too unlike the DC10, only big accident I can remember was a cfit in everglades in early 70’s.


Don’t forget DELTA 191 - the one that went down at DFW due to a MICROBURST.


Oh yea, forgot abt that one still both pilot error induced, not engines falling off wings like the dc10


This L1011 had an inflight fire, landed at Riyadh, passengers were fighting in the aisles, the Captain told all passengers to stay in their seats. He instructed the crew not to evacuate until everyone was seated.

Pilot landed and continued to taxi off runway, rescue crews stood by, as pilot had not requested an evacuation. Aircraft shut down engines at 18:42:18, it wasn’t until 19:05 rescue crews made a forced entry, finding the entire fuselage engulfed in flames.

Everyone on board perished, 14 crew and 287 passengers, the worst L1011 loss of life. Eastern N310EA killed 5 crew, 94 passengers, with 77 survivors, Delta N726DA killed 8 crew, 126 passengers, and 1 person on the ground, with 29 survivors.

Side note; the fire started in a cargo bay, however they were unable to determine the cause.


I did get to fly on an Eastern L1011 from Orlando to Atlanta, but my favorite flight was on a PSA L1011 from San Francisco to LAX. Wasn’t old enough to drink, but still visited the forward downstairs bar, made out of the front cargo hold. N10114 later sold to Donald Trump as a VIP L1011, however the conversion was never completed and N125DT was scrapped.


That captain certainly showed them who was the boss.