Las Vegas Sands Fleet

Are the L-1011’s flying yet? Does anyone know the registrations?

Lots of good info about the Sands fleet can be found here…

N388LS is one of them.


I think the other one may be N389LS.


correct on tail numbers…however, they have not been spotted in over a year. JUst curious if anyone had seen them move or what the plan is.

Both aircraft are in storage at Ardmore Municipal Airport, Oklahoma.

Here are a few more with LV Sands

27255 N804MS
33102 N108MS
III-351 N623MS
IV-1245 N588LS
IV-1280 N688LS
IV-1290 N988LS
V-544 N383LS

Don’t forget about N789LS the B733.


Also include;


Has been re-registered as VP-BLK


I was taking a break after reading all the updates on yesterdays
Citation crash ( ),
and wasn’t really paying attention when posting the SP N992MS.
Considering how well it was covered in the previous Sands thread!!!

Very true…a nice job was done on that one… :wink:

N388LS is sitting at LAS today.

I took this pic this morning as I taxied by…not a good pic… :blush: but best I could do while multi-tasking other priorities. :wink:

I saw both strings. Everybody should stop speculating. Specially azav8er, your source at Atlantic is totally wrong. haha, it’s actually pretty funny to read. Amazing what people come up with.

Hmm, since you are so knowledgeable, why not share what you know besides just saying a person is totally wrong.

Unless you are speculating yourself?


Oh, well. Thank you for pointing that out to us as we would never have seen the error of our ways otherwise.

I’m glad we can amuse you so easily.

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to be nasty to anyone or point out errors. I was just amazed about the strings. I love aviation. I didn’t know a site like this existed and had tremendous fun reading many many topics. However when I got to this topic, I realized that everything written is not always true. Just wanted to warn some fellow aviation friends not to believe everything that is written. That’s all.

Hmm, you still have not shared your knowledge discrediting Azav8r other then to say he is wrong.

Why should we believe you any more then a proven poster that has shown extensive knowledge and experience?

I know you are only 2 posts new into the forum, but as a courtesy, if you plan to bust somebody’s chops on what they post, back up what you say, not just your word.

Just common courtesy, I’d thunk.

Take note… The reference to the Atlantic source was posted 10 months ago. In the aviation biz, lots can happen in 10 months. The acquisition may have fallen through in that time.
Maybe azav8r can check with the source next time at KLAS to see what’s going on with that.