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Klm file for Google Earth

Hello flightaware,
Taking pictures during my flights (see enclosed, picture from the Baikal lake and the Google earth view), I am frequently looking to the detailed path of my plane on Google earth.

For this I build a *.klm file in the following way:
Adding a head and end of file, I use the coordinates issued from the tracklog of flightaware:

I copy paste the table in Excel
I exchange the latitude and longitude columns
I add a column altitude (in m, with = altitude if < 1000 / = altitude *1000 if > 1000 m).
I copy paste the 3 columns, (longitude, latitude, altitude) with a “,” as separator into a klm file (see below) between the head and the end of file.
Is it possible to have in flight aware a klm file upload option? (with the complete route of the plane flight)

Just a difficulty: for my flights from/to Japan, there is some intermediate “estimated”; positions. The intermediate estimated coordinates are no longer given in the tracklog page (this was given previously, but has been unfortunately suppressed…)
It would be nice to have then back in the flight log.

The klm file structure for Google earth:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Path A



Hello LBarbier,

FlightAware currently provides a link to download the Google Earth kml file at the top of any track log page. All you need to do is click the icon and it will automatically download the file.

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Google Earth export of the track log page.
Excellent ! I just test it and it works well.

Only one little last point :
The intermediate estimated coordinates are now back in the track log page.
It would be nice to have then included in the Google Earth (*.klm) file.

See for instance :

lines :

sam. 06:48:13 PM 51.1684 89.5168 :arrow_lower_right: 118° 521 966 10.058 Level FlightAware ADS-B (ABA / UNAA)
sam. 06:50:05 PM 50.9918 89.7727 :arrow_lower_right: 138° **Level Estimated
sam. 06:50:27 PM 51.0159 89.9595 :arrow_lower_right: 119° 517 958 10.058 Level FlightAware ADS-B (ABA / UNAA)
sam. 06:53:11 PM 50.7551 90.3288 :arrow_lower_right: 138° Level Estimated
sam. 06:55:22 PM 50.5459 90.6209 :arrow_lower_right: 138° Level Estimated

and the associated Google klm file :
gx:coord89.51683 51.16836 10058</gx:coord>
gx:coord89.95949 51.01585 10058</gx:coord>
gx:coord103.54030 38.00812 10089</gx:coord>
gx:coord104.23383 32.94411 10089</gx:coord>

This makes a part of the trajectory buried in Gogle Earth (extrapolation between the 2 coordinates, including the height ! This makes the plane following the shortest path, i.e. inside the earth… ! ! Thanks for your help.