Google Earth KML file differs from Flight Tracker

Hi Guys,

I just noticed that for most flights from europe to the US, the google earth file (KML)
is plotting the routestring, however the path on the map (e.g.
is the actual trackstring. For flights in the US both match. Is there a reason for that?

Thanks, Thorsten

This appears to be a bug. We may be able to get this fixed next week some time.

Thanks for the reply.

Starting to use the API, I just notice something similar.
When I query “GetLastTrack” of e.g. flight ident SWR16 (Zurich to JFK)
and plot the latitude / longitude on a map, I get this zig zag line over
the atlantic, however looking at the flight on your map here:
seems to be smooth. Are you correcting this somehow?

Best, Thorsten

Yes, that’s actually a variation of the same issue. We’re working on a fix to both of them.

Great. Thank you, much appreciated.