Route Codes/Google Map


Can anyone point me to some documentation on how to bring in the route codes from Flightware into a Google Map?

#2 … hlight=kml

You will need to use KML. There are some other postings on KML in the forum. Please click on the search link above and enter KML to get the other postings.

KML documetnation


I checked out the URL and it looks like it may work by having the user download a kml file and importing it into a pre-installed copy of Google Earth on the PC… the data looks like you’d have a lot of long/lat coordinates to make it work.

However, I’m trying to get the data into Google Maps that is embedded in a web page (like you see on FlightAware’s flight status pages). I’m basically trying to take a data sample like you see below and plot it using Google’s API.

CPT UL9 KENET UN14 PEMOB UN24 SLANY UL9 MALOT 5300N 02000W 5300N 03000W 5400N 04000W 5200N 05000W CRONO DOTTY N160C ALLEX ENE ENE4

Does anyone have a reference for how to do something like this?


I sent you a PM rather then post here since my potential solution to your question is not FlightXML related.


Hey guys, has anyone been able to do this ? i was hoping to be able to do it for my Flight Simulator Virtual Airline but have had no luck yet.



If you are using Flight Simulator X, then you might want to look into the “FSX AI Spotter Project” from which uses FlightXML to include real traffic into your simulation.