KLAF This morning..


so this morning I Was at KLAF, applying for a job with one of the companies there, and also cathcing a few Warriors and Arrows making Touch and Go’s when I See a pair of Aircraft in the Distance Approaching the field, along the Centerline of the Main Runway 28/10…it immediatly struck me as odd because the Students where hitting the Short Rwy 23/5, that and they were flying in Formation…Loosely, but formation nonethless…I figured they were just a couple of the Students doing some Formation flying for some reason…as they approached they disappered behind one of the buildings and noticed the Next 2 Planes in Line Went Missed…just as I was about to drive in front of the Terminal and Lose sight of th efield one of them Shot past the Terminal…and it was an A-10!..I quickly turned around(which was easy in my truck, considering the snow) in time to see the other one go streaking past…So I found a spot to park and wait for them to come back around…Except they climbed, a little bit, not much and dissapeared behind the Trees heading in an ENE direction…

I’d assumed they were landing as the first plane had his Gear down however as he went by they did look like they were going back up again, His wingman was Gear up as he went by though…

Longshot but here goes…anyone have any Info on this flight??..I think I’m really more interested in WHY they did the Low Level Fly-By, moreso then where they came from or were heading for…


Maybe they were based at an airport that didn’t have a tower, and lead plane had erroneous gear indication, so they went to their closest towered airport for a “visual” of the gear being down would be my guess.

I would think the wing man would have been able to verify, but who knows, maybe it was a reg that a ground based person verify.



It was probably RUCKUS flight from Barksdale Afb They have been in the northeast and were on their way home when one developed an issue,they landed a short time ago at CAMPBELL AAF In Kentucky.


Saw 2 F-16s do the same basic thing here at SPI today, only the spot had his gear down as well, flew the approach and break with him and followed him down. As with all military aircraft they get their fair share of emergencies so I see these formations quite regularly here.


Most likely you saw acouple of Air National Guard A10’s of the 110th Fighter Wing based at the W.K. Kellogg Regional Airport, Battle Creek Michigan. BTL Airport Info, there are currently 15 ANG A10’s based there.

As for their flight, I’ll assume they are just on a training sortie, staying current, and having alot of fun.
Photo @ BTL of 80-0221 / BC (cn A10-0571) 110 FW / 172 FS


I was on short final to 23 when as the second A10 passed the 10-28/5-23 runway crossing. Its was just a simple flyby.

After their pass, they departed to the west, staying 500’ and below.


So, did you get the job?



Amicha, you a Student at Purdue then??..

One of those turn in the Application and never hear from them situations…at least so far it is…


Yes, I am a freshman in the flight program.