King Air crash at Hayward

Fox news showing it now, looks like it set off a brush fire. Reg looks like it ends in CG.

live vid

Crashed on take off.

Hopefully no deaths or anything. King air 200 or 350?

Looks like a 200 or 300. Nothing showing on FA.

Listening to the newscaster muddling his way through the interview, it appears this was a maintenance flight.

The aircrft belongs to a San Francisco based company.

No deaths, only the pilot onboard, sounds like a maitenance flight gone wrong, was unable to make return to runway

This is crazy…is it just me? Or does it seem to be the year for Aircraft Accidents? :open_mouth:

i agree, i dont know what is happening, but it seems every other day i turn on the news and there is another aircraft down or damaged or something. :frowning:


Nothing new. It’s just that they are being reported more often. There’s several aircraft accidents/incidents every day.

Wheww! Well thats good news then…for a minute I thought it was the end of times. :open_mouth:

It is. :smiling_imp:

Video and Fox News story

I was looking at it on TV and I was thinking that the body of the plane looked pretty intact so as long as no-one got caught up in the smoke and flames they should make it out pretty OK.

Glad I was right :slight_smile:

HAHAHA! If it was the end of times, where would you go? :slight_smile:

It was N726CB… quite a miracle the pilot survived.

Here are a few photos from earlier:

maybe with the economy bad, alot of people are taking this opportunity to upgrade their plane for one faster or bigger but they didnt take the time to learn the new plane.
i have been looking at lancair360’s for a while and the prices are really coming down and alot more are available now even the legacys are under 200K.

Wow, good price!

If I were the King Air salesman, I’d carry those pictures around in my sales bag.

God bless this Pilot! Looks like he did everything right and managed to walk away…

Very uplifting to see a good outcome from a crash! Cheers to the pilot! :smiley:

Where in Hayward did the crash happen- cause if it was right on take off He’d be in a shopping mall parking lot or the bay, those hills look pretty close, and that’d put him much farther east, like 3-4 miles.
I use to live off Hesperian Blvd close to the Airport

Edit- Never mind I Google earthed it and answered my own question