King Air B90, N10TM, preliminary report


Hmmm…my algebra not so rusty after all…

NTSB preliminary report


Hmmm…my algebra not so rusty after all…

Azav8r, I already warned you not to use your algebra! It is totally flawed. Y can’t be a “constant” and should be a result of other two variables. Redo your work but consult a book before you do.


You “worned” me?.. :unamused:

And metaphorically, the “Y” in my example isn’t a “constant”…Keep up here dan…


Yes I warned you. I told you on one occasion that I will not comment on your algebra, because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. On another occasion I told you that you would be a great asset to any captain as long you do not apply any of your algebra. Do you remember?

But you came back with it. You literally wrote this in your mathematic marvel: Where Y as a constant is Fuel.

Are you denying now? How are you going to sneak out of this one? :slight_smile: If you need help in this department, drop me an email and I will tell you what exactly is wrong in your statement and explain to you why. But I do not want to do it in this forum since it is not a propper place for math enthusiasts. If you still believe that you are right, it is OK. That would be nothing surprising after what I heard from you. I really think that you believe that you are always right, as well as old enough and experiened enough, as you said.


You really just don’t get it do you dan?.. My algebraic comments applied to this issue are metaphorical and sarcastic in nature! They’re not meant to be proper or taken literally! My misuse of the equation is intentional…

As for your “great asset to any captain” statement…how patronizing! You know nothing about me or my background. Conversely I know nothing about you, but by the personality you’ve presented here…I don’t care to. Why you’ve engaged me with your ‘I’m better than you are’ battle…I guess you find comfort in your self perceived superiority hiding behind your computer. Pointless :exclamation:


“My misuse of the equation is intentional…”

I really don’t think so. It looks like you made a mistake you are not willing to admit. My offer to explain these equations to you off this forum still stands.


The subject is about a King Air that ran out of fuel! Don’t care about what you “think” about my use or misuse of algebra…It wasn’t meant to be literal…however adamant you are to prove otherwise! Get over it.


Can YOU :question: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: