Kenya Airways jet crashes in Cameroon



YAOUNDE, Cameroon - A Kenya Airways flight with more than 100 people aboard crashed in southern Cameroon, state radio reported Saturday.

The radio report said the flight, which lost contact with airport controllers soon after taking off around midnight from Douala, Cameroon, crashed near the southern town of Niete.

The report did not provide further details.


From what I could find, Niete, where they said it crashed, is farther south from Douala and not en route to Kenya, and I don’t think it would even be on the flight route?


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[] 5Y-KYA ]('Xraln%20Nvejnlf')%20%20beqre%20ol%20cubgb_vq%20QRFP&photo_nr=27&prev_id=1131256&next_id=1126582) []5Y-KYA ]( This B737-8AL s/n 35069 first flew on 9th October 2006, this aircraft was destroyed in crash.


Passenger List posted HERE


An update on the situation in Cameroon:

Issued at 16:00hrs (Local Time), 7th May, 2007.

We still have no confirmed information about survivors and casualties. We are also informed that most of the aircraft is submerged under mud and water.

A support tent has been set up close to the site with counsellors and the Kenya Airways doctor at hand.

The support team of 12 KQ personnel left today at 12:30 pm from Nairobi. Also on the flight were family members of passengers on board flight KQ 507. These were 1 family from South Africa, 1 from Kenya and 2 from India.

We have processed travel approval for 19 next of kin, representing 15 passengers.

On arrival, the team have set up a helpdesk at the airport to facilitate the hotel accommodation and transport to the hotels.

As mentioned in our press briefing yesterday, the organization will facilitate travel assistance. Kenya Airways will also arrange for local accommodation for a reasonable period, for up to two next of kin, per boarded passenger. It is important that family members who wish to travel have the requisite travel documents.

The Kenya Airways Crisis Management Centre at the head office in Embakasi, the Passenger Support Centre at the Hotel Intercontinental, Nairobi and the International Passenger Information Centre, Johannesburg will continue to operate on a 24 hour basis.

The next press briefing will be tomorrow at 11:00 am.


[ ] 1]([ ]2]([ ]3]([ ]4]([]5 ]([]6 ]( crash scene photos of 5Y-KYA.