9Q-CAB African MD-82 ends up in the LAVA . . .

9Q-CAB MD-82 of Compagnie Africaine d’Aviation

Nov 19/09 Goma-Intl Airport (FZNA) DR Congo
info from JADEC

The aircraft overran the end of runway 26 on landing run. It ended up on top of a large lava heap which covered the northern 3rd of the runway since a 2002 eruption of the Nyiragongo Volcano.

About 20 people on board ware injured, local reports said. At the time visibility may have been obscured by low clouds south of the city. The available runway lengh is limited to only 1.995 metres. Landings at Goma are only allowed from the south. The aircraft was recently acquired from American Airlines.


I’m guessing jets in Africa must not be equipped with brakes.

Flew on this plane several times when it was with TWA as N957U.

Hundreds of folks just casually walking around the scene. Gotta love that African flying! :wink:

HAHA it’s just like Alaska except warmer

I like the baggage truck. Or are they looting the engines?

:laughing: My thoughts exactly!! or looting the galley!!

That and less gun play. And hopefully a different odor…

A lot of operators remove the brakes in order to save weight since they will be installing a top notch set of truck horns. :shock:

If you’ve ever driven in the Middle East you know that brakes are optional, horns are a “no go” item.

John in Saudi