Kennedy Funeral Flight Arrangements

Does anybody know what plane Ted Kennedy’s body is going to fly on from BOS to Washington?

Would they give him an air force plane? Former presidents get a VC-25 (747), so I suppose he might get a C-32 (757) or at least something with United States of America painted on it. Or is the family just chartering something, in which case it would presumably be trackable on FA.

On a related note, does anyone know what equipment Obama is flying on in and out of MVY for the funeral? The runway is too short for a VC-25, but a C-32 could make it. I also saw something that said he was taking a helicopter in and out of Otis Coast Guard Air Station.

It looks like it might be a good day for plane-spotting at BOS on Saturday. Anybody in the area interested in taking pictures?

i didnt think that Kennedy would be resting in Washington. Im pretty sure the news said that he would Lie in the families plot pressumably somewhere near their home.

Correct me if im wrong however, im mearly speculating

After the service, the senator’s casket will be taken to Logan Airport and flown to the nation’s capital, where he will be laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery in a 5 p.m. service.

He’s being buried next to his brothers John and Robert.

:bulb: enlightenment is a sweet thing. I was under the wrong impression. or at least misunderstood what i heard, thnx

I saw Obamas boarding a Gulfstream for the trip to Boston. It looked like they got on the 747 when they were going to their vacation. A quick Google search looks like they helo’d from Cape Cod to MVY.

Another news story said Obama is going back to his vacation after the funeral.

As far as I’m concerned, Kennedy’s can pay their own freight.

I like the Secret Service’s “vacation casual wear”. Sporty and fun… yet still modest enough to conceal an MP5. 8)


Speaking of guns, look right! :open_mouth:

Possibly DAL9831. MD-88 scheduled from KBED to Andrews AFB @ 1:15pm

Accompanied by: … /KBOS/KBED … /KBED/KADW … /KADW/KBOS

These flights may be the press flight.

CNN just showed the a/c carrying Ted Kennedy departing Hanscom. It is a USAF C-32. The charted civilian a/c are probably for media

No Joke Kid! :open_mouth:

Anyone know who was on the Jetspeed GIV out of BED?

I dont get it??? am i blind or am i just missing something

:slight_smile: They are referring to Michelle Obama’s arms.

Strong arms = ‘guns’ in some circles.

The C-32 was probably Air Force Two for Biden. Even in death, liberals only take private jets when ‘it was going there anyway’.

That was a big show planned by and for such a humble man. I can’t wait for the unveiling of the statue.

Then how did the body and family get to DC?

ejm57 is theresa heinz (john Kerry’s wife)

Anybody know what the Kopechne family flew in on?

Dear President Obama,

Thank you for adding 16 minutes to my total time by leaving early from MVY today. I hope you didn’t find it offensive when I climbed at 4500 fpm when I was leaving ACK this afternoon. I was cleared direct to LFV VOR which is 45 miles north of ACK to stay clear of your airplane. Once I was out of 18000 feet I was NOT cleared direct to LUCOS intersection, because you decided to leave 1.5 hours early. Next time, please give an accurate departure time to those who make a living in the summer time flying back and forth to the land of make believe. I burned an extra 75 gallons of evil jet fuel to comply. Thanks, Concerned Citizen.