KBLM Invalid?

As of about a half hour ago, KBLM (Monmouth Executive Airport) is showing up as Invalid. It always used to work. I tried it in Google Chrome and Safari and both do not work. (I was logged in on both)
EDIT: Looking at the history of many flights, it looks like most airports are showing errors. For example, only two airports in the history of N123AB is working properly.

I’m pretty confused. KMFD isn’t working for me either in Opera…also “invalid”. However, I try it on Firefox (which isn’t logged in) and it works like normal. If I log in on Firefox and try it, I get the same “invalid” message so it doesn’t appear to be a browser issue.

This is fixed now for all affected airports. There was an error importing the latest airports database which caused several ICAO airport codes to be erased.

Should be fine now. Sorry about that.

You got me excited for a minute, I thought they closed BLM:)

Hopefully the bad kind of excited? I love to go there to watch the airplanes. Good way to kill time.

Just joshing, although I’m not a huge fan of going in there under an IFR flight plan. Especially in the summer…