KBLM History

Found this article about KBLM (Monmouth Executive Airport) and thought anyone that likes to go to this airport either flying or to watch the planes (like me) might be interested. That airport has gone through a lot. One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the article is the train that used to run around the airport. That has been gone for a while, but the station and some tracks are still left. I really like the picture of the 727. Wish they could still land there.
The article: http://www.airportjournals.com/display.cfm/Teterboro/0712031

airliners.net/photo/TDK-Leas … 542a57cc10

I looked up N300DK before and found out this history about it: http://www.airliners.net/photo/Boeing-727-21/0901888/&sid=88f4bfd4a36aa52d6a2148f713ff257e

Hey, I fly out of Bravo Lima Mike. It is a great airport and I love the fact that you can still get up close to 32/14 and watch. I do it for hours too. You should bring a hand held with you and listen in on 123.000. Fun to hear what’s going on, although I have to stop myself sometimes when I hear some of the pilots babble.

Always do bring one.