Just heard that a guy tried to light his shoes on fire

just heard a guy on a flight to denver tried to light his shoe on fire. will update if i hear anything more.

Heard this a little while ago from the BNA ATC as well, looks like a news article was just posted:
abcnews.go.com/Blotter/air-marsh … d=10315314

The suspect was identified by authorities as a diplomat in the Qatar embassy in Washington, Mohammed al Modadi. The FBI said the man had full diplomat immunity as the 3rd secretary and vice-consul.

Let’s see if the “Commander in Chief” has the balls to persecute this “person” as a terrorist event though he does have diplomatic immunity. Any bets he won’t?

A Qatari Diplomat is in custody. This is starting to look like terrorism

For the love of God, can we just milk the guy for all information he has using politically incorrect methods and then stone him to death and leave his body to be devoured by wild boars? I feel like if we were just a little bit rougher on terrorism they’d think twice. By the way, I guess pigs are known as the filthiest animal alive by muslims and contact with pigs is supposed to bar them from the promised land (and those virgins!) or something. I don’t give a crap about what the world would say on “America’s image” or whatever the fallout could be…if we keep letting this happen and slapping them on the wrists, we won’t have an “America’s image”.
Cliff’s notes version: KICK HIS TERRORIST A**!

CNN is downplaying the story. From their “sources” it was just a misunderstanding - the guy supposedly made a joke about having a shoe bomb. No bomb material found in his shoe.

We oughta just kill him anyway. That’ll get the message across pretty clear. “Don’t be terrorists. Don’t even try to joke about being terrorists. Or we will kicka-your-assa.”

flightaware.com/squawks/view/1/r … _to_Denver

YES! I agree with AirmanElmo! These “people” (I use the term losely) care absolutely nothing about people who are not their “religion.” Regardless of what the liberal press and liberals in general say, the only thing these “people” respect is power. We can’t make “nice nice” with them and expect them to leave us alone.

ANY muslim terrorist must be treated with power or else they will just keep doing their terrorist attacks on us. Force feed them pizzas with lots of peperoni and sausage. Make them pet a dog (an unclean animal to these “people”). Torture? Not to anyone that has an IQ greater than 7. Torture to a muslim? Yes, but I quick frankly don’t give a damn anymore. We will never be free from their terroristic attacks until we start fighting back.

Oh, and when they are put in prison, put lots of pictures of naked women on the walls.

Speaking of women: You would think that women groups would be totally against the muslim religion. It is the most woman hating religion out there!

OK, the guy is officially a dumb*ss.

Apparently he just wanted a smoke and decided to light up in the lavatory. When a passenger asked about the smell after exiting, he joked that he had tried to light his shoes on fire.

Yep, sneaking a smoke indeed. He was wearing sandals.

Story from NBC News

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AMEN!!! :wink: Right on!

Something doesn’t seem right with this incident.

The guy is a “diplomat” working in the United States (for how long hasn’t been reported, but is a germane fact) and doesn’t know that smoking is BANNED in airliners? Come on - anyone with a hint of intelligence should know by now that you can’t smoke in a plane, or in most places in airports or for that matter in most places in washington dc. How does he NOT know this?

I’m not normally a tin-foil hat guy but I’m going top go out on a limb here and state that in this case it’s quite possible that this was some sort of “test” of the system to see just what can be gotten away with. It’s a fully loaded United 752 out of DCA on a Wednesday night and we now know that there are two air marshals on board seated in first class.

With full diplomatic immunity nothing will happen to this guy, so he probably didn’t get questioned for more than a few minutes before being let go with an apology for wasting his time. I’m willing to bet that there are passengers on that flight that were more inconvenienced than mohammed.

Anyone know the tail number on the 752 in question?


The Goddamn Germans got nuthin’ to do with it…

Sorry about my grammar and/or misspelling.

Turns out that the “diplomat” in question has been in the United States since 2007. Three years and he doesn’t know enough not to light up a smoke in an airliner restroom?

I still stand by my original assumption - that this was no accident or misunderstanding. I think this was a deliberate test of current security procedures to see just what happens “if”.


Which is why we need to kicka-his-assa!

AirmanElmo wrote:
We oughta just kill him anyway. That’ll get the message across pretty clear. “Don’t be terrorists. Don’t even try to joke about being terrorists. Or we will kicka-your-assa.”

AMEN!!! Right on!

He knows. He just doesn’t care because he can do what he wants to and get away with it using the immunity card.