Zacarias Moussaoui is reported to have been flown to his life destination last night by “Con Air”, a nickname for the Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS).

This appears to be Moussaoui’s last flight:

Here is a photo of the JPATS Hawker 800:

I guess they had to do it in the middle of the night because he’s so high profile.

I just cant imagine what that life would be like. Its 23 hours/day solitary in a sound proof cell where you cannot see or hear any other inmates. Wow, that’s pretty hardcore. In that type of situation I’d say that its worse than the death penalty.

With no communications (radio, TV, internet), nothing at all to read, and no visitors, my guess is that he’ll be a raving lunatic within a year.

So you are saying he isn’t one now?

LOL! I knew before I ever hit the “Submit” button that someone was going to say that. I left myself wide open!

Haha, you made it too easy. :wink:

Yes, I did. :wink:

Yeah - that’s a fate worse than death. It’s a fitting punishment for someone who wanted to be a martyr! :laughing:

After being sentanced he said, “America, you lose!”

So who is the REAL loser? Someone who failed to carry out his Sep. 11th mission, becomes the scapegoat for the cause and then is deprived of his 72 virgins! Yeah, he got what he deserved! :wink:

So, Bsically he will be just rotting to death. (Like a Bannana peel on a new york street) or like those airplane carcasas in the mojave desert!

1000x’s better then the death penalty

That’s grand, What torture!

I cannot imagine no means of communication for 23 hours out of the day.

He should be dropped into the General Population of, oh…, say…, The Tombs! Or Brooklyn Federal!

But with an enforceable Do Not Kill order from the gangs.

Molestation and penetration are allowed. Nay, REWARDED!!



May they serve pork chops for dinner every night, and may his one hour of daily “exercise” consist of running from “Bubba,” who thinks bald heads are “a might purty.” Finally, may his 72 virgins be old, crusty nuns w/ big hairy facial moles.

He ain’t dying a martyr’s death - so no virgins for him. But IF he were to get even just one, she would be fine and he’dl be so old that Viagra wouldn’t do him any good!

Personally, I think PFC Lindie England should be allowed to have her way with him! :smiling_imp: