Jump in Aircraft seen, any ideas why?

I haven’t changed my setup for at least a month.

I normally see around 1400 to 1600 aircraft per day.

All of a sudden this happened:

I’ve never been above the mid 1700s and averaged mid 1500’s.

Not complaining. :slight_smile:

Just not sure what happened to hit 1900+

Any ideas?

Most likely just a change in aircraft flow. Could have been weather related or an airport closure etc… It’s not uncommon that most days 2500-2700 then some days spike to over 3100 but for me it usually seems to happen at the start of a month.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday is when my numbers go down. But I’m sure thats from less planes in the air.

Wondered why my stats for the day were low until I walked outside and saw the aerial lying horizontal on the roof.
This page great for sussing out problems.