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Decreasing daily numbers


Since 3.6.2 came out I’ve noticed my daily aircraft numbers decreasing, from the 1700-1800 range then to around 1300-1400 now. I’m assuming this is a coincidence and simply an annual trend, in that here over the UK we have falling aircraft numbers as we head into autumn and winter, leaving behind the nice weather and holiday season.

Are others seeing the same trend, and a question to FlightAware staff with your global view of the data coming in, do you see the same kind of annual variation and a drop-off in numbers from around September in the northern hemisphere?


Yes, same drop around here, around 400-500 a/c per day, nearby sites show the same drop in numbers. Nearest significant airport is Düsseldorf International Airport.

I guess your theory about vacations is right, it is also the time of year when traffic is a nightmare because nobody is away.


Just check your coverage graph from the same weekday a month ago.

If the ratio of positions far away significantly decreased then you have a reception problem.
So your reception didn’t get worse.


It was those stats that led to the question. I’ve been doing a lot of admin on the network here which has resulted in periods of downtime over the last 6 weeks so I am treating my own stats with caution, hence curious to see what others are seeing. From biekerc’s reply it’s looking normal, which is nice.