What could cause my stats to drop?

For the past few months my daily airplane count has been dropping and I have not changed anything but the numbers are down from roughly 1200 per day to 1000.

Anyone else see their stats drop?

do you feed others too e.g. planefinder or flightradar24 - and did they drop too?
did the counts of other flightaware sites nearby drop too?

Mine are dropping too - I’m putting it down to less holiday flights since the European summer hot spots are now cool. In fact many of the 737’s that do northern Europe to the Med spend the winter season carrying snowbirds from northern USA / Canada to the Caribbean.

My ranking has dropped too - last summer I was at #80 today #145 - perhaps we’ve encouraged too many people to improve their antennas (I need to do something)

No, just this site…

i saw you are not synced with other mlat sites ‘Multilateration (MLAT): Supported / Enabled’

… look for your logfile and post it here:

cat /tmp/piaware.out

p.s. another thing you could try: take a second sd-card → install the newest flightaware image → look if things improve
there are so much possible points which can be wrong - antenna, cable, antenna plug wet, …