John Travolta In St.Pete

Does anyone know why John Travolta goes back and forth to St Petersberg Fl. every day. I know there is a big Scientology church there. Just being curious.

I wouldn’t say everyday. I think he’s been there 4 times in about four months. I’m guessing it might have to do with being the closest customs port of entry airport to his home.

Looking at his smaller private jet, he goes there A LOT.

He allows the “Church” to use his planes to ferry members to and from the retreat center in Clearwater.

I don’t think this is any of your business. Also, I would delete this topic as it is very intrusive. It is one thing to discuss a notable aircraft and the ability to track it. You make alot of assumptions when you try to figure out if a certain person was on a certain aircraft that made a flight. Ultimately this will lead to more aircraft being blocked.

WOW. Did someone a) touch a nerve 2) wake up on the wrong side of the bed or d) say something offensive that I totally missed?


Please define “this” and “your”.

To whom, Travolta? He’s a public figure and has precisely zero privacy rights when he’s in public.

What part of “Gee, I wonder if Travolta was piloting that flight?” is banned on your world?

If you are going to be a public figure then you have to accept the crap that goes along with it. Why do you think People, Us, National Enquirer, and other magazines are so popular? People want to know the dirt and other stuff on so-called celebrities.

edited: Intrusive really does sell or how else do you account for those stupid magazines I mention above? It wouldn’t surprise me if these “celebrities” have PR gurus who make sure they get into the trashy magazines.

Sounds like someone is in the Tom Cruise/John Travolta Scientology Club. :wink:

I’d like to ask a similar list of questions as to why you chose to use “a”, “2”, and “d” to enumerate a three item list.

BECAUSE I CAN!! :laughing:

Couple of different reasons, to keep things light, and to see how many people would notice.

Then why doesn’t Daniel or Mark delete the sticky in the Notable Activity forum?

Drop him an email. :smiley:

Better yet - meet him at the FBO in St. Pete and ask him personally! You’ll always know when he’ll be there! :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee guys I didn’t expect to get beat up over one question. This is my first time posting on this site, and I guess I’ll have to choose my topics more carefully. I’m a big Travolta fan and admire his aviation accomplishments, so I was just wondering why the commute back and forth from Ocala to St.Pete.
Sorry if I breached a sensitive subject.

Believe me skyhawk, for the all of us that responded (minus 1), you didn’t hit a sensitive subject. A lot of the responses were more sarcasm based on wazzu’s response. Note emoticons…

You didn’t breach any rule and no one was beating you up.

Welcome to the Forums.

Different strokes for different folks. While I like the fact that Travolta has kept an early model 707 flying, I think in the main part he is an egotistical idiot. In everything I’ve read about in regarding his 707, you’d think he was the sole pilot on board. I have never seen him give any credit to the (required) second pilot or flight engineer on his flights.

And what’s with that smile of his? You know what I mean? :slight_smile:

You mean his Cheshire Cat impression?

Exactly, cfijames. Must admit it looks better on the cat than him.

I wonder if his flight operations group [those people who hire his anonymous second pilots and flight engineers] has any openings for Flight Astrologer. I don’t mind flying on a 707. :laughing: