JFK Arrest


Some updated info here: news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_jfk_security_breach

“A man returning from Haiti who walked through a restricted door and set off an alarm that led to the evacuation of a terminal at John F. Kennedy International Airport simply went the wrong way, his attorney said Sunday.”

How about locking the door?! Ok, so the door was posted with a sign stating it was a restricted access point. That’s great but that doesn’t make it secure. Wouldn’t common sense mandate that any door that’s accessible to the public be secured either physically or electronically? Having a sign on an unlocked door doesn’t do much. An unsupervised child in the terminal could have easily done the same thing.

That would be classified under “Common Sense”. Something TSA is lacking these days.


It could be required that it be unlocked as it is an emergency exit.

At KDAY, we have to scan our airport badges, enter a code and then the door unlocks, in case of a fire, there is a fire alarm that can be set off which unlocks all doors, or you can push on the door bar and the door will open in 30 seconds.