Don't worry, our airports are secure


Executive Summary: A guy under the influence (they haven’t exactly said what, alcohol, weed, etc.) jumps a 7 foot barbed wire fence in the middle of the night and boards a Delta 737, then passes out in the seat. He isn’t found until the cleaning crew comes aboard in the morning.

To you and me, that seems like, I don’t know, a SECURITY HAZARD. But oh no, according to the airport, the security system worked flawlessly. The cleaning crew is part of the security team, and it’s their job to find the passed out weirdos on the plane- that’s all part of the plan.

Of course, they haven’t mentioned what would’ve happened had the guy put an explosive device of some kind in the bathroom or something and left before the cleaning crew arrived. The PR woman is a real gem- “There are a lot of what-if scenarios that we can talk about”- of course, they don’t say what would’ve happened, just that we could talk about it, but then I guess we’d be wasting the security guard’s time…


Maybe a test to see who’s on their toes? :open_mouth:


The article said that the cleaning crew was already aboard, and they actually saw him board the plane and sit in the seat. He used their lift to board the rear of the a/c.

Having said that, this is a major security breach, no matter how you look at it. Had he been a terrorist, he could have placed any sort of device he wanted to in the wheel well without eliciting much (if any) response from that security branch known as the cleaning crew. Plus, the cleaning crew wasn’t on board all night, so he could have stumbled onto the plane at any other time and had plenty of time to do whatever he wanted. The mere fact that a guy (an impaired one at that) could scale the fence so easily is a big RED flag to me. How stupid do these airport officials think we are?