One less TSA idiot

I guess he never noticed the signs saying “security is no joke.”

TSA worker fired for planting “drugs” in a passengers bad and grilling her before laughing and saying it was a joke.,2933,583 … latestnews

I guess the joke was on the TSA agent.

Local (PHL) travel bloggers are saying that there is no proof this individual was fired as the TSA refuses to identify him.

Reminiscent of the TSA worker that scaled the exterior of parked aircraft by climbing up “the things sticking out of the side of the front”!

IF he was fired he should have also been charged with a crime. Anybody else would have the cops called out.

Not only should this guy be fired and charged with a crime, so should his boss be disciplined for not making sure his officers are professionals.

“But officer, as a tester of TSA personnel I was just performing a quick test to see if they were up to speed on searches.”

No charges filed.

Actual events are worse than our worst fears. Not only can they do whatever they wish, they don’t have to answer to anyone for their actions.

A while back, a friend of mine (let’s call him Craig) took his family on vacation to Hawaii. They went through security at their origin airport with no problems. At SFO, they had to go through security again and TSA found some live .22 ammo that had gotten stuck under the bottom panel of his duffel bag. He used the bag when he went target shooting. Well, he gets pulled aside and is thinking he is going to jail, but they soon realize their comrades at the origin airport had missed the ammo. Luckily for him, they took the ammo and said have a nice day.
He never did hear anything more about it. We wondered if they let him go so there would be no bad press for letting it through at the origin, ie; covering up for their buddies, or were they actually using common sense and knew it was no ill will on his part. :question: