Jet powered NewBeetle

No particular reason for posting this, but I thought it was interesting. (what forum does one put a jet powered VW?)

Interesting, although I’d like to see a video of it.

Who’s idea was it to put the intake right next to the driver, though? It must get mighty loud in there.

Where do you suppose they put the intake? (it still has the stock engine up front)
Here’s a light-off video.

and a clip from Letterman about this car.

I’d be pretty scared taking that thing to high speed, considering the shape of the car is a natural airfoil!

With all the mods he already has, it would be pretty cool to have a scoop over where the moonroof is, or something similar.

Thanks for the videos, though, pretty kick ass, and I wouldn’t mind having it myself. :open_mouth:

Intake in the cabin. Now that 'sucks '.

I guess if you close the sunroof the whole thing will crumple in on itself. :slight_smile:

I hope that the intake has a “baby screen” on it. I’d hate to suck one out of a stroller. Now THAT would suck!!

Where’s the CPU? :open_mouth: That thing needs higher performance tires!