Jet Blue Sucks Bird Into Engine At LGB


The locals here love to make an issue over things like this because they hate the airport. Never mind this city would be nowhere what it is today without Daugherty Field being built way back when, allowing for all the aviation companies to come in and build neighborhoods around the airport (which came first). The linked article doesn’t show the bias, but local activists are already planning on using it to bolster their case against airport modernization.


“It’s a rare occurrence,” said Sharon Diggs-Jackson, an airport spokeswoman. “Nobody can control the path the birds fly on.”

Ummm, not exactly. But I guess that’s why she’s working as a spokeswoman.

That coyote that got sucked into the WN engine a couple weeks ago, now that’s rare.


Hadn’t heard of this one - can you elaborate? Thanks.


My wife knows Diggs-Jackson. Airport modernization is at stake in Long Beach and those against it use any potentially negative incident as fodder, as I alluded to in the first post. I doubt she’s striving for complete accuracy here, but instead trying to allay concerns and minimize the inevitable silly backlash.


On the FAA page where they list recent incidents, they talked about a WN flight that had ingested a coyote on either takeoff or landing. It’s old enough not to be on the page anymore, but I’m searching around for more info.

But I guess it’s not as rare as I though, haha:


Only in fricking California could activists use a bird strike as evidence against modernizing an airport. I guess there aren’t any birds around, except for KLGB. It’s amazing that they picked the ONE SPOT where birds tend to flock to build an airport. I knew they should’ve listened to our ever-knowledgeable activist friends, the NIMBYs!! I’ll bet anyone a chocolate chip cookie that the folks against “airport modernization” were NOT there before the airport.

Sorry for the rant, but I HATE crybabies, especially when it comes to political issues. Let both sides present their facts, then let the public make a decision based on FACTS, not what our “hearts” tell us. How would these folks feel if the revenue that airport brings into the community were gone? How would they feel if the only airport they could fly out of was an even more-overcrowded LAX? They’ll always find something to cry about, and it usually has NOTHING to do with the best interests of everyone in mind.


Some more strange coyote news:,0,6004054.story


Any story that contains the phrase “Armed with a garbage pail lid” meets my defintion of strange.


Here is the link to the photo of the plane in his Dec 27 1742Z posting.


That would be Newark777’s posting of 27 Dec 2006 at 9:45 (GMT-8 hours) on the US Airways Beech 1900D that hit a coyote.