Low Flying GA Jet

This is just to satisfy my curiosity, not crucial :smiley:

I was outside this afternoon and saw a twin engine jet (not sure on the model, but similar to a Cessna Citation II). This jet was flying extremely low with wheels down headed northeast. Generally, similar commercial aircraft (CRJ) look to be about 5 times higher as they are on approach. Sorry I can’t define “extremely low,” it’s tough to guess from the ground… all I know is that it was WAY lower than anything that I ever see flying over, GA or Commercial.

About 5 minutes later, it came back over the same spot, on the opposite heading (southwest) at the same altitude with the gear down. I haven’t been able to find a track log on flightaware (I suppose this means VFR). We are near an airport that is not busy at all. Generally 8 commercial operations per day according to FA.

I guess my question is what were they doing? I know there’s probably a million possible answers to this, but it never hurts to ask! :smiley:

FYI - I should let you know that we are a couple miles east of the airport and he was flying parallel to the runway during all this.


My reply will be more useful than JHEM’s.

Which airport was this at? What was the color of the aircraft? Did it happen to be white with a blue bottom and/or tail?

It could have been an FAA aircraft calibrating the airport’s navigational aids.

I’d call that downwind.

And “Cleared for the Option”

That’s what it was! Blue and white. Thanks Dami.

And sorry to have ruined your day with my moronic questoin JHEM. I’ll try to limit my curiosity to things I already know everything about :unamused:

You’re more than welcomed. I do try to give useful answers.

Although if we post questions and then answer our own questions, maybe that stupid a$$ picture of Picard won’t be posted again! I just hope when I grow old and become retired or even semi-retired that I don’t start doing stupid stuff like that! :laughing:

There’s no such thing as a moronic question.

You got the face-palm because you failed to mention what planet you’re on and your general location, some points that could have assisted us in answering your question.

I’m afraid that in my dotage I’m unable to decode “FYI - I should let you know that we are a couple miles east of the airport and he was flying parallel to the runway during all this” and figure out where you are located.

And if you’re unable to take what was very gentle chiding over such an obvious oversight, I suggest you develop a much thicker skin if you’re going to take part in an interactive forum.

JHEM does have a point.

And Damiross is very helpful.


Of course! How did I not get that from the face palm? It was all so simple!

Perhaps a face palm would be appropriate here (in another context) as it appears I DID provide the NECESSARY information to at least get a satisfying answer, despite my “obvious oversight” and obvious lack of aviation terminology.

Again Dami, thanks for the help.

In other words, ask a question if someone forgets to put in needed data.

I know I have been guilty of sarcastically asking for the missing data. At least I had mentioned in words that the data was missing. The picture could have meant anything from “what a stupid question” to “why are they asking this?”

And for all of those who I did reply to in a sarcastic manner asking for more information and (because I will have a relapse) to those I do this to in the future, please accept my apology.

Not sure the FAA calibrates the instruments required for a visual traffic pattern that often. (Apparently on profile)

Is there anyone based at the field that operates C550’s? Could be a pilot needed his 3 touch and go’s for currency, or a 6 month check perhaps?

Where are you located?

This happened near KIDA… It was very odd/low altitude compared to the norm

I pretty sure the aircraft did not calibrate anything.

You’re correct, it was uncharitable and childish of me, I apologize.


Your too easy James…I wouldve come back with the standard “wtf dude where are you talking about…2 miles from where?” but thats me…I like the face palm…gets the point across. But then again…I am a dickhead… :laughing:

Blame the new meds. :smiling_imp:

Is this it?

R/C airplane with Pilot teddy bear HDV video - YouTube)

Is this it?

R/C airplane with Pilot teddy bear HDV video - YouTube)

'Ol Teddy will be a Blue Angel soon! :laughing:[/quote]