Is this an error?

I’m guessing something is not right here: … /KDBQ/EGLL

Any ideas? Just curious as this would be very unusual activity at KDBQ.

They took off from DEN and re-filed 35000’ over DBQ.

I was thinking a pit stop to refuel at low alt (full plane, full fuel, alt 5320 ft, 16,000 ft rwy, warm air? – well not at 9pm). I once had a flight from Stapleton, hot, summer, midday; they chose to keep all pax but take less fuel, top off the tanks in Omaha, and continue (to BOS?). But this is a huge rwy at DEN and the air is comfortable by 9pm. Then I looked at the runways at DBQ (6300 and 6500 ft) and it really doesn’t add up. Full plane, full fuel, 777, 1100 ft alt, 6500 ft runway? Unlikely. If they did it, I wish I’d seen it.

It’s a glitch… There’s no way it stopped in DBQ. … /KDEN/EGLL

Yea looks like the FAA goofed that one.

RT 07/20/2009 04:37:26
status A[ctive]
orig KDBQ
dest EGLL
ogtd 07/20/2009 02:18:00
edt 07/20/2009 04:34:00

And it was 2 hours late departing! :slight_smile:

Thanks very much. I thought it was too good to be true!