Is there a time delay to the actual flight?

Is there a time delay to the actual flight in relation to the flightaware system? I ask this question because I live close to an airport and it seems that the flights do not correlate with the flightaware schedules. Also, if I look up to the sky and see a contrail from a jet, it does not show up on the flightaware screen (from my location).

It varies by coverage area and operation type from a few seconds to 5 minutes.

It’s amazing how going to “About FlightAware” then “FAQs” gives so much data about the use of FlightAware. :slight_smile:

There ya go… stating the obvious…

I believe the discrepancy might be due to the fact that the time shown is often when the aircraft pulls away from the gate. The actual “wheels up” time could be as much as an hour later, especially at airports with busy runway traffic and delays.

see my posting above.