Is There a Time Delay?

Hi, I’m a new member although I subscribed to a similar service a few years ago. I am about 10 miles west of KMLU; FlightAware does not seem to match what I see outside. I just wondered: is there a built-in time delay or? Things seem to be about 10 minutes out of sync. Thanks.

Please, do yourself a favor and read the Questions/Answers. They will reveal many of the great things about FlightAware.

As an example, and to answer your question, there is about a 6 minutes delay due to FAA requirements.

Welcome to the forums, buick8!
The first question of the FlightAware FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is…
“How live is FlightAware’s tracking and status data?”
…and the answer is, “The data displayed on FlightAware is typically six minutes delayed from real time.” :wink:

Ok thanks, you’re right, it’s there, first item, I must have scrolled over it the first time.