Time Lag?


I am pretty sure that this has been asked time and again - but…I am right on the path in and out of KMDW, at night when I watch the landing lights, watch Flight Tracker and listen to LiveATC.com…I am thinking that LiveATC is +/- 5 or so minutes ahead of the flight tracker - does that seem correct?

Thank you in advance - sorry for the newbie question…not a pilot, just a dreamer. :slight_smile:


Per the FAQ:

How live is FlightAware’s tracking and status data? (Back to top)

The data displayed on FlightAware.com is typically 30 seconds to five minutes delayed from real time depending on the data source and government regulations. You can contact us if you have a commercial need for real-time data.


Oh…now you want me to “read directions” - my presumption however is that LiveATC is in fact live (duh).

Thanks…I will no longer make presumptions on the origin of the lights that are on their way in.