Is the flight information delayed at all or is it real time? For example, I watched a couple of contrails overhead but did not see flights on the airport-area map immediately afterward.



Hi, Bruce. As we cover in the FAQ, the data is currently six minutes delayed. We’re working on alternatives to eliminate that delay but that’s out of our control at this time.


ok, but I think the airport-activity map must be real time. Today I looked up my airport’s activity map and there was a green flight on there, located near a familiar county line. Then, I typd in that flight ID and went to the lat/long table and typed in the most recent one, which was indeed 6 minutes behind, and it showed just east of the county line. But then i went back to the airport activity map and the flight track was 30 miles WEST…the lat/long did not show it in that location for about 5 more minutes. Do you know if the map is realtime? I’m thinking that must be the case.

And also, I’m having trouble with the coordinates. When I type them into mapquest it is showing a slightly different location than the flight track shows, usually a little bit to the south by maybe 20 miles or so. The lat/long coordinates never seem to match up with the flight track line when compared on another map.


The maps are delayed just as much as the flight pages, about 6 minutes.
The slightly brigher square indicates the flight’s current (well, 6 minute old) position, and the short track shows where it has been in the last few minutes.


I checked a couple of flights’ lat/long numbers against both mapquest and microsoft streets&trips and it appears that it is pretty consistant: the plane’s lat/long location is approx. 20-23 miles South of the green track line as indicated on the map that is on this site. And the contrails I saw earlier today when I was at work were also about 20 miles off.

Then, I checked a flight’s position on this site’s map with the position shown on’s map. fboweb displays the flight in exactly the same spot as flightaware’s map, however, the lat/long #s listed here correspond to a spot about 20 miles south of the real track.



We’re plotting the flight paths correctly, and we’re plotting the data that we display, so I’m not sure how those lat/longs are coming up 20 miles off for you. We’ll look into this.