Radar Tracking - More Frequent Updates.


Is there a pay service that flight track has that offers more of a real time radar tracking? It seems to delayed most of the time by about 15 minutes.



Well, Sparkie, READ THE QUESTIONS/ANSWERS (Top right, every page, in FlightAware). You will find out that there is a delay imposed by the FAA of about 5-6 minutes.

You will also find out that the times shown are wheels up/wheels down times. These are not the same as the gate departure/gate arrival times.


I did know that was wheels up to wheels down time, and that is what I wanted. Helps me with my work.

I thought there was a way around that, we have real time at work where Dispatch can watch any plane any where at anytime and when his wheels touch down on the screen is when they touch down on the ground… But then again, I work in Maintenance Control of a Regional Airline in the same office as dispatch. Just would be easier to get the info first hand that have to ask the dispatcher setting next to me. That may be the big difference.