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Is direct mini-USB connection to Mode-s Beast board in busted Flightfeeder possible

I have an Flightfeeder 7 that was damaged by lightning (has since been replaced by the kind folks at Flightaware). I decided to try and learn something from the busted Flightfeeder. The RPi is obviously beyond repair and no leds come on. However, the mode-s beast board shows two leds that light up. I tried to feed the mode-s beast board directly from my PCs USB with a mini usb cable, hoping to to see if I could access the beast directly with other software (USB tree view for a start). However, it smells like something is overheating. Inspection of the original mini-USB soldered to the RPi, show that it appears different from the new USB cable I tried to use. Is this part of the design or is it due to damage sustained from the lightning strike?

In other words is it a bad idea to try and connect the mode-s beast board from the Flightfeeder directly to a USB port or is there another problem?


Anyway just because LEDs light up, doesn’t mean it’s not damaged :slight_smile:

They have a custom board, but i would be suprised if it’s connected by something other than standard USB.