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Please help me find a gps-beast deb package!

I’m using a Modes-Beast usb board with the Trimble GPS module.

These boards are only part of FlightFeeders and we only support using them as part of a FlightFeeder.

Please re-image with the standard FlightFeeder image (or at least explain what you’re doing to our hardware…)

Will it work on Pi4?

We don’t build FlightFeeder packages for Buster yet, so I think you’re stuck for the moemnt. That said, gpsd is not critical - you’ll miss out on the GPS location information, but GPS timing will still be used in the main data feed.

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I thought that those are Flightaware property, not for sale on other channels?

Pretty sure the Flightfeeders are somewhat similar to the RadarCape units sold by jetvision.de .

Also maybe there was a fault with the RPi part, and the feeder took it upon himself to fix up the unit :wink:
While that’s not the agreed upon way to fix such an issue, it’s much better to keep feeding in w/e form instead of receiving a Flightfeeder and not feeding, which i’m sure also happens from time to time.


They are similar indeed, but from what I can tell jetvision doesn’t sell one with GPS integrated. That’s why I asked. Just curious, that’s all…

PS: When my FlightFeeder broke, FA sent the replacement part.

This is Russia. To get to the feeder you need to drive 350 km through the taiga. It is not always possible to wait, order, it is easier to buy an on-site invalid module and run.


Yeah, it was exactly this. It’s all good :slight_smile:

Russia does cause us all sorts of interesting shipping problems! Thanks for getting it back up and running.


I am always interested in feeders run in such remote locations, thank you for explaining that.
How do you power that device now, in winter? I assume solar power is not a very efficient way to generate electricity there?